Traffic Offenders Program

First Night

Information for participants on their first night

Each offender is to provide for the Program Co-ordinator (Graham Symes) a signed and stamped (by the Court) copy of the Traffic Offenders Program Guidelines from the Court you attended.

Arrival Time
Participants are required to arrive at the venue by 6:30 pm on their first night so they can be briefed on the Program requirements.
Nightly Registration
On arrival each evening, you MUST sign the attendance register.
We emphasise YOU PRINT YOUR NAME NEATLY so it can be read otherwise illegible names will be marked absent.

You MUST bring photo ID each week and show it when you sign the attendance register.

The Co-ordinator (Graham Symes) has to be notified if you can't attend an evening.
The only way you may be excused from a session (with the opportunity to do that session later) is with a medical certificate.
We will only accept one medical certificate unless you are hospitalised – otherwise you will be terminated from the Program.
You are required to attend eight (8) nights.
There are only seven nights of presentations and on the eighth night you are only required to bring in your final assignment and Summary.
You are required to arrive 30 MINUTES before EACH SESSION (as per the Guideline Form) you signed).
We WILL NOT allow entry once the presentation has commenced.
You can find information on the format of your assignment on the form supplied to you or by clicking here.
Program Summary
You are also required to write a Summary of what you have acquired from at least two (2) sessions of the Traffic Offenders Program.
Hand in your Summary with your last assignment.
Drugs and Alcohol
You are not to have any illegal drugs or consume alcohol at any of the Program sessions, random breath testing may occur.
Mobile phones
You MUST not have a mobile phone turned on in the hall under any circumstances.
If you do you'll receive one caution, if the phone rings again you'll be terminated from the Program.
You MUST not talk to each other during the presentations. You will be given ample time to ask questions and have a general discussion.
Smoking within the School boundaries is PROHIBITED. If you must smoke do so in the street.
Local Residents
Be mindful of local residents when leaving at the end of the night, do so in an ORDERLY fashion. Blacktown Police know we run our Program on Thursday nights and may be waiting when you leave.
Other matters
If you need any assistance contact Graham Symes (Co-ordinator): 0418 494 022.
Please note the call may go to his voicemail where you can leave a message and a phone number for him to contact you.