Australian of the Year Awards 2004

Graham Symes nominated for Australian of the Year 2004

8 December 2004
Graham Symes
PO Box 6660
Blacktown NSW 2148

Dear Graham,

Congratulations on being nominated for the Australian of the Year Awards 2004.

The Australian of the Year Awards is the pre-eminent awards program in our nation, recognising excellence and service by Australians in all fields of endeavour. The awards acknowledge individuals who are inspirational and outstanding Australians.

Being nominated for the Awards is a great honour, and I hope you feel very proud that a fellow Australian believes you have achieved excellence in service to your community and the nation.

Over 3,700 people nominated 2,522 fellow Australians for the Awards. As you have seen in the media the state and territory recipients for each awards category have been announced and they now progress to the national level of judging.

Thank you for your contribution to making Australia a better place to live. You are obviously an exceptional Australian and deserve to be recognised. Enclosed is a certificate recognising your nomination.

Congratulations again on your nomination.

Yours sincerely

Lisa Curry Kenny MBE OAM
National Australia Day Council