First Night

Information for participants on their first night

Offenders should provide the Program Co‐ordinator with a copy of the Court referral, RMS letter advising driver licence suspension, RMS referral to driver education program, etc., if available.

Nightly Registration

On arrival each evening you MUST sign the Attendance Register. YOU MUST PRINT YOUR FIRST NAME AND FAMILY NAME so it can be read, as names that are unreadable will be marked absent. You MUST BRING PHOTO ID each week and show it when you sign the Attendance Register.


Your attendance is required at all sessions. The Court or RMS will not accept part‐completion of the Program. If you are ill, absent for work or family, etc., notify the Co‐ordinator – 0418 494 022 – and later provide a medical certificate or an explanatory letter.


YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND EIGHT (8) NIGHTS. There are seven nights of presentations; and on the final night you bring in your last weekly assignment and submit the Completion Summary.


You are required to arrive at 6:30 p.m. – 30 MINUTES before THE START OF EVERY SESSION (as per the Guidelines Form you signed). We DO NOT allow entry once the Session has commenced at 7:00 p.m.. If necessary, please make your employer aware that you have a Court or RMS Order so that you can arrange to leave work early to ensure you arrive by 6.30 p.m.


Information regarding the layout of your weekly homework assignment is printed on the reverse side. Your homework assignments are returned to Court as part of your Court Report.

Commencement Assignment & Completion Summary

You MUST also complete assessments at the start and end of the Program. The Commencement Assignment asks you to list your offences as well as information about your driving. The Completion Summary asks you about your plans to stop offending and for a Personal Summary of what you have learnt from at least two (2) sessions of the Program. Both of these assessments are returned to Court with your Court Report.

Drugs and Alcohol

You are NOT TO TAKE any illegal drugs or consume alcohol on the day of the Program sessions. Random breath testing can and does occur. If we think you are impaired, you’ll be excluded from the Program session, and you will be terminated and the Court advised.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones MUST NOT be used in the Hall for phone calls or texting, under any circumstances. If you do, you’ll receive one caution; if the phone rings again, then you’ll be terminated from the Program. You may use your mobile phone to take photos of the PowerPoint presentations.


You MUST NOT talk to each other during the presentations. If you do, you will be asked to move seats. There will be time to ask questions and have a general discussion, as well as a general break during the night.


Smoking is NOT permitted within the Hall. If you must smoke, do so in the street.

Departure & Local Residents

Be mindful of local residents when leaving at the end of the night, do so in an ORDERLY fashion. Blacktown Police know we run our Program on Thursday nights and may be waiting when you leave.

Other matters

If you need any assistance contact the Co‐ordinator ‐ 0418 494 022. There is no voicemail, so if unanswered either call again later, or send a text message for the Co‐ordinator to contact you.


For more information about our Program, refer our website:

Important points to remember about your weekly

1. Assignments MUSTbe completed each week and handed in the following week.
2. You will receive the questions in writing from each presenter. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure you have the questions from the
presenter each night.
3. Assignments can be hand-written ORtyped.
4. Use only white A4 size paper.
5. Use only ONE SIDE of the paper.
6. STAPLEthe assignment in the top left-hand corner.
7. ASSIGNMENTSshould be set out according to the box below). Your assignments are considered to be submissions to the Court, so be neat and tidyin your presentation.8. Typed assignments are easier to read and are preferred by the Magistrate or Judge. (For hand-written assignments, make sure there is a
3 cm margin down the left side of the page).
9. If you typeyour assignment, you MUST TYPE your name in the top right-hand corner; If you hand-writeyour assignment then HAND-PRINT your name in the top right-hand corner.
10. Completed assignments must be handed-in the following week in an A4 loose-leaf clear plastic sleevewith the white border on the left-hand side.
11. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A PHOTOCOPY OF EVERY ASSIGNMENT. Bring your copy to Court, as the Magistrate or Judge may ask you questions from any assignment.