Returning To Court

Here you’ll find guidance and information that will assist you when you are returning to Court for your sentencing. Many people don’t realise what can happen to them when they return to Court. Judges and Magistrates have pressure on them regarding sentencing.

You can:

  • – receive the maximum sentence which could be jail
  • – you can lose your license and be heavily fined
  • – you can have your offence dismissed

Day at Court

You may have to wait for some time (hours) before you appear, take something to read to keep you occupied (preferably your assignments).

Appearance at Court

Attend Court dressed in a neat and tidy fashion.


Take your copies of your assignments with you to Court and make sure you read them while you wait.

The Judge/Magistrate will look at your assignments and may ask you questions from them. He/she will also review your assignments and use them in his/her decision-making process.


In most cases your solicitor, barrister or representative will speak on your behalf. However, we know that Judges and Magistrates would like to hear from you about your attendance at the Program.

Ask if you can say a few words. Also the way you speak lets the Judge or Magistrate know if you have got anything out of the Program, and allows them to assess if you have done your assignments.


It’s always a good idea to write down (make notes) what you want to say, don’t do it off the cuff or you’ll come undone.

    Things like:

  1. Be genuine, speak as you write.
  2. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to attend the Program.
  3. I’ve learned a lot and I have benefited by attending the Program and doing the assignments.
  4. I have changed my behaviour in relation to my driving.
  5. By attending the Program, I can now pass on to my friends what I have learned.
  6. Hopefully I will never be in this position ever again.