Making the program better

We’re keen to make the program better. That means we want to know how effective the program is for people who have been found guilty of speeding, drink driving and other driving offences. We use this information to improve the educational information given in the program lessons, and to develop new lessons and new ways of teaching.

So if you enrol in the program, you will get the chance to help us (well, really, help us to help you!) by answering some questions about interesting stuff, such as the development of driverless cars, changes to police enforcement technologies and tactics, new traffic management ideas, even down to things such as why  you might decide to drive through flooded roads. Most people tell us that these questions are fun!

Here’s what some of this research has told us:

Characteristics of offenders attending a traffic offender intervention program in New South Wales, Australia {LINK}

TOP ONLINE Drugs & Alcohol session – proof of concept for a web-based traffic offender intervention program {LINK}

Developing an online novice driver traffic offender intervention {LINK}

“Would you like fines with that?” Looking at attitudes to use of child car seats {LINK}

Caught red-handed: Mobile phone enforcement cameras {LINK}

Down the middle: Motorcyclists can now lane filter legally {LINK}

More “Bang for our Road Safety Buck” Promoting safer road user behaviour in a community setting {LINK}

How do average speed cameras (point-to-point speed cameras) actually work? {LINK}

Sometimes, you find that you’re speeding and you never intended to {LINK}

Looking at how and when L-platers and P-platers crash  or commit traffic offences {LINK}

Education and intervention programs for young drivers in a metropolitan Sydney community {LINK}

Driver distraction in traffic offender management {LINK}

Drink driving and drug driving enforcement strategies in Australia {LINK}

Road safety for infants, children and young people – see article on the Blacktown Traffic Offenders Program at Page 257 {LINK}