Do you have to do a driver education course?

The Blacktown Traffic Offenders Program is an accredited provider of the Driver Education Course, which is part of the Increased Traffic Offender Penalties (ITOP) scheme that is administered by Transport for NSW. You will have received a letter from Transport for NSW advising you that you need to do the course (and advising that you also have to do the Knowledge Test at a Service NSW centre).

The program is free, and is being offered online currently. There are no face-to-face classes.

You will have seven sessions of study to complete the course, comprising eleven units of study. You do this through individual study, at your own pace and time, but it cannot be done in less than one week. Most people take 6-8 weeks to do the program.

If you wish to do the course with us, to get you enrolled and started  . . . the next step is for you to download and fill out the Word documents below, and send them to   

To do the program, you will need to be able to download Word documents, enter your data, save the documents, and then attach them in an email back to the program.


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Commencement Assignment